South Pacific Tonga

Mozuku growing in deep-ocean water of the antarctic where the second deepest of the world Tonga Trench is lying.

Tongan Mozuku grown under such conditions is excellent in safety and rich in minerals, even though it is said that seaweeds accumulate heavy metals such as arsenic and lead. Furthermore, in Tonga, bullets of guns and cannon-balls are not under water because there is no history of war. There is originally no seawater contamination.

In Tonga, efforts of "protecting nature" have been undertaking in the entire country

There is a special collection method to limit the harvesting period from August to October, local winter, to secure resources while protecting the ecological system. In addition, the divers dive into the ocean and collect natural Mozuku carefully by their own hands. As a result, efficient components contained in Fucoidan are harvested without damaging.

A Thorough Quality Control

High purity and high quality Fucoidan is  through unique manufacturing method from extraction of Fucoidan through ultrafiltration, spray drying and sterilization.

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