Tuan Anh

One morning, as usual, the whole customer service staffs prepare for a day of work full of energy and efficiency. When we just turned on the computer and logged into the account of CS-Fucoidan staff, catch our eyes is a very long email of the customer has not been named in the general data ... + "Hi brother, I'm 60 now, currently retired and lives with my children in Ho Chi Minh City. A few months ago I thought I could not continue the happy life because I have to wake up early with the same pain and each night I can only fall as sleep when the pain reduced by Painkillers ... I am a preterm cancer patient, one of the diseases that haunts men today. When I was young, I was only interested in making money and did not really care for a word called "Health", nor too much time to learn about ways to prevent illness, how to recognize the symptoms of many serious diseases. I keep working and think I'm living well every day. Until I felt the changes in my body, initially mistakenly thought "old age weak" only. Unbelievably it was not as simple as I thought, only when listening to the doctor examined and said "My illness must be hospitalized for a while," holding the reporter heart disease. At that time, I thought that the most precious things for my life were Health and Peace. Unlike other patients in the same room, I was more fortunate when the disease was not too severed, only after the first detection of the disease, my friend introduced a product that the ancestors are currently selling on this site, initially I used Fucoidan tablets, after a while, I know Sea Fucoidan DX is a superior product and better penetrating, so I switched to this product. I believe that Sea Fucoidan Dx had helped me a lot during the hospital treatment of the disease. This product helps me to add energy, strength to overcome the most important moments in my life. More than anyone else, who are suffering from this chronic illness, need help from you, quickly bring these products closer to them, give more hope and strength to those less fortunate than you ". It was touching to read his very friendly email, and we thank him for giving us the motivation to continue our journey of "life, hope, faith and health" to everyone. .

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